Snowboard Addiction Translator Information

Hi, thanks for being interested in translating for Snowboard Addiction.

Our program is world famous in English and we have the program partially translated into Japanese, Korean, Chinese, French, Spanish, Italian and German.

We remunerate translators by paying them commission up to 20% of sales from their respective language, which could end up being a lot of money depending on how well our program sells in your native language. If more than one translator is involved then this commission will be split depending on the amount of work each translator is involved with.

Do you qualify:

To be a translator for Snowboard Addiction you need:

  1. to be a native speaker of the language that you’re translating into.
  2. to be fluent in English
  3. to be addicted to Snowboarding
  4. to be motivated to put some time in
  5. to expect to be remunerated


You can earn up to 20% of each sale in your respective language through the following 4 methods:

  1. 5% of respective language sales for creating the initial simplified product in your language.
  2. 5% of respective language sales for creating the full Snowboard Addiction program in your language.
  3. Up to 5% of sales for providing support in your language and answering emails.
  4. Up to 5% of sales for marketing ideas and promotions in your country/language.

If the translation process is shared among multiple translators then the commission will be split. If you are motivated then we will give you the opportunity to complete the translation process yourself so that you can keep all the commission however if it is taking to long then we will invite other translators to participate.

Initial work: (5% of total sales)

  1. Email your interest to: info@SnowboardAddiction.com
  2. Speak personally with the Snowboard Addiction office manager.
  3. Translate a simplified version of the website (approx 1 day of work)
  4. Translate the scripts for the 5 newest vids & teaser(approx 2 days of work)
  5. Record the script for the 5 newest vids & teaser(approx 1 day of work)
  6. The Snowboard Addiction head office will insert new voice-overs and publish a downloadable program in each respective language
  7. Create a youtube account for the respective country (ie: www.jp.youtube.com) (approx 1 hour)
  8. Upload teaser vid, links and description to new Youtube account (approx 1 hour)
  9. A downloadable product is now ready to sell

Expanded work: (5% of total sales)

  1. Translate the scripts for the older vids
  2. Record scripts for the older vids
  3. SA head office will publish older vids with new voiceovers and add them to the program
  4. Translate the manuals for the entire freestyle program
  5. Translate & record the mp3 audios for the entire freestyle program

Email us to get started: info@SnowboardAddiction.com