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Training Board Bindings

One Of A Kind Design

Over the past year, we have been tirelessly developing the design of this binding with the following 4 objectives in mind:

1. Design the world's comfiest binding, for use with socks, barefoot or with regular shoes
2. No sharp edges
3. Use only high quality materials & make the bindings ultra durable
4. One size fits all

After achieving these 4 objectives, we are finally ready to say that we have done it! We are stoked to bring you the world's comfiest, most durable training board binding around, with no sharp edges and the ability to fit almost anyone and any age! 

Snowboard Addiction Hassle Free Warranty Program

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One Binding Fits All!


We designed these bindings so you can literally start training seconds after your snowboard addiction kicks in. Dream all night long about that impossible trick you've wanted to stomp...Wake up, slip into your bindings and start learning that possible trick in seconds.

- We designed these bindings so you can train in your socks, barefoot or with shoes.
- Quick entry buckle and ladder system.
- Velcro toe strap for ease and speed.

Dream Big


You can now train whenever and wherever you want to train for snowboarding!

- We covered up the ratchet and ladder with a secret cover, leaving you with a binding that is super streamlined and safe for use, from your back yard trampoline to a trampoline facility.
- No screws or sharp parts, protecting you, your trampoline and your house from damage.  

High Quality and Durable

We used the highest quality parts we could get our feet on, so your purchase lasts you long time! We made our bindings with the exact same high density plastic as traditional snowboard bindings. This lets you throw down in training, without worrying about your equipment breaking. 

More Cushion' for the Pushin'

Slipping your feet into these bindings is like falling into a 50cm powder field! Practicing for snowboarding has never felt so comfortable. Check out why these bindings are the comfiest bindings in the world:

- We added high quality gel padding to the heels, ankle and toe straps.
- Cloud cushioning footbed, made with high density EVA foam. We extended the cloud cushioning around the entire framework of the binding. This way, you to train for longer, so once you hit the hill you'll be stomping tricks left, right and centre!
- Highback-less for more freedom and improved safety during training.
- Shock absorber side walls to handle abuse from every angle.
- The shock absorber holes on the baseplate let you stomp heavy landings and giggle in comfort.


Dimensions: 28.8cm ( 11.34 inches) Long x 14.3cm ( 5.63 inches) Wide x 11.5cm ( 4.53 inches) Tall
Weight: 1.25kg (2.75 lbs)

Train For Snowboarding Anywhere, Anytime...Without Pain Or Injuries

- We do not recommend you shredding snow on these bad boys, unless you're feeling a bit "toey". Instead, our bindings are designed for use with our Tramp Training Board (Trampoline) and our Jib Training Board (Balance Bar). 

Realistic Snowboard Stance Width & Angles

Four Hole Binding System

- Our bindings use the same 4 hole mounting system as most traditional snowboard bindings. Set up your bindings, with the exact same stance-width and angles that you ride the mountain on. Why? So what you practice throwing down in training, seamlessly transitions to the mountain. 

Our Snowboard Addiction Warranty!

We have a 1 year Hassle Free Warranty on all manufacturing defects. Shred Hard and Go Big!

Training Board Bindings Size Chart

Mens Womens Kids
Sizing Barefoot Barefoot Shoes Barefoot
U.S. 4 - 12 5 - 12  2 - 7   3.5 - 9
European 36 - 45 36 - 43 33- 39 35 - 40
 UK 3 - 11  3 - 10 1 - 6  2.5 - 7 

We recommend our bindings for use in conjunction with our Tramp Training Board (Trampoline) and our Jib Training Board (Balance Bar).  

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