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The Tramp Training Board has been designed with a foam base to grip a trampoline.
We recommend the Tramp Training Board if your primary focus of training is on a trampoline.

The Jib Training Board has been designed with a P-TEX base to slide on the Balance Bar.
We recommend the Jib Training Board if your primary focus of training is jibbing on the balance bar.

Here is a video that shows the difference between the 2 boards:

The following video will show you how to adjust the Snowboard Addiciton bindings for the most comfy fit.

Our Training Board and Training Bindings have been designed as one size fits all. 

Our Training Boards have multiple stance options to fit everyone - Smaller kids can use our Training Bindings by wearing their shoes directly in the Bindings.

Yes! We can ship internationally! We offer Free Shipping in USA, Canada and Europe (EU) for more info on shipping Click Here.

We can ship our products internationally to Australia but the shipping can be quite expensive. 

You can view a shipping estimate by entering your address at the checkout.

All our orders are automatically shipped by a fulfillment warehouse. Please be very accurate with your address when making your order.

If you need to cancel or modify an order please email

If we can modify the order we will do so however sometimes it has already submitted and we cannot always change or cancel the order.

Our Products are built to super high quality standards - but we are here if you need us.

Snowboard Addiction's warranty is setup with the customer in mind. Your work for the warranty will be next to nothing! You will have resolution within 48 hours and you'll never have to speak to a robot. Quick, easy and painless. Check out our Warranty details here:

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