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Fall Is For Training

Make the most of the park once the snow is here! The off-season is the perfect time to grab your Training Board and dial in new tricks!

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Tramp Board

Tramp Board

$189.99 USD

Jib Board

Jib Board

$189.99 USD Regular price $194.99 USD

Balance Bar

Balance Bar

$114.00 USD

Training Bindings

Training Bindings

$149.00 USD

Snowboard Tutorial Membership

Snowboard Tutorial Membership

From $8.99 USD



From $48.00 USD

Training Mat

Training Mat

$99.00 USD


Hear what pro snowboarders, coaches & customers are saying about our gear.

Max Henault

Olympic Coach

"The boards are great! Really durable...The sky is the limit with these boards. You can use them on a trampoline to practice your grabs...It opens your mind on rotation." Learn more...

Seb Toots


"Trampolines help me with my air awareness and help me break down tricks. Whether it's a new trick, or a trick I'm already doing on snow, it helps create the perfect replication of being in the air." Learn more...

Mark Vorass

Snowboard Addiction Customer

"I came across Snowboard Addiction in 2008 I was brand new to the sport & knew nothing. Everything I have learned since then is on the foundation of your tutorials. Each year I set new goals, & thanks to SA I know exactly how to achieve them." Learn More...

Anne Fred Grenier

FWT Competitor

"The Jib Board & Balance Bar help me keep my tricks on lock throughout the season, at home, and over the summer months, with the plus of getting a bit of a winter vibe" Learn more...

Gabriel Sequeira

Snowboard Prodigy & Team Rider

"When Gabe started riding park he was quick to get sendy on jumps but rails scared him. After getting a training board setup Gabe started practicing at home and taking the confidence he gained there to the park and sticking it on jib features first go" Learn More...

6 Free Flipping Tutorials

You're going to flip out over these 6 free flipping tutorials! From your first Wildcat to a Laid Out Backflip, we're going to make inversions easy.

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