Summer Snowboard Training With Seb Toots

Summer Snowboard Training With Seb Toots

Can't get enough winter days on snow? Missing the winter vibes? or you just want to bring the momentum you had training in the winter into the summer? In the latest instalment of Seb Toots Vlog series, we see the best ways for a snowboarder to enjoy summer and improve their riding. Seb and friends train at Maximise, with the Tramp Board and some other fun training gear. 

Maximise is an insane training facility, located in Sainte-Agathe-des-Monts, Quebec, Canada. While most of us don't own a astro-snow mega ramp into an airbag beside our super tramp, setting up a backyard jib tramp is totally in your wheelhouse. 

Jib Tramp Set up 
Maximise's Sweet Jib Tramp Set Up

Maximise has built a wooden deck around a trampoline, raising it different to heights on each side. They also use PVC pipe and a wooden beam to simulate jib features you would find in a terrain park. The best part about a jib tramp, no hiking rails! Throw down trick after trick, from 50-50's to the craziest trick you can do.

Craziest Trick by Seb Toots 
Seb pulling off the 'craziest trick' he can on the Jib Tramp

In the Vlog, Seb also takes to the super tramp to throw down some flips and corks. If, you don't know what a super tramp is, think of your backyard trampoline on steroids. The more bounce you can get, the bigger tricks you will be able to throw down. Your average backyard tramp can also help you improve flips and spins, you just won't be launched 30 feet into the air.

Before jumping on a Trampoline with our Tramp Board, take a look at our How To Get Comfortable On Your Tramp Board tutorial. Then move on to our Spins and Flips series'.  

Getting those rotations on the airbag ! Getting mad rotations on the airbag!

Are you ready to get shredding this summer? Check out our Training Gear and see what you need to get started brining winter vibes to the summer months.

Ready to create your own snowboarder's paradise and dial in your jib skills? 

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