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Balance Bar

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"I like to taco boxes and eat rails" - Said by no snowboarder with a Balance Bar, ever.

You know that feeling when you stomp a trick that you've been wanting to land for so long? We've all been there to enjoy the excitement, relief and the stoke! The moment you ride away, with your homies minds blown and that awesome high...It's unbelievably addictive! What if you could get your fix of this feeling anywhere, anytime your snowboard addiction kicked in? What if you could practice a trick, over and over again, until you felt ready to take it to the snow?

We created the Balance Bar for these very reasons. You can speed up the learning curve by engraving tricks into your muscle memory in a safer environment. Train regardless of the time of year or whether you live close to the mountains. This is the training tool that every snowboarder needs! 

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Made In The USA
Made In The USA

Recommended user weight: No weight restrictions - Indestructible fun!
Ages: No age restrictions

Dimensions: 101.6 cm (40 inches) Long, 20.32 cm (8 inches) Wide, 12.7 cm (5 inches) Tall
Weight: 3.6 kg (8 pounds)

Board Type

Train using your own snowboard, or grab a Jib Training Board or Tramp Training Board.


Includes access to our full library of FREE Training Board and Balance Bar videos, designed to teach you new tricks and improve your riding faster.

Lightweight & Easily Transportable

Lightweight 2 piece design (top piece tucks away), for easy transportation and storage.

Beginner to Advanced Snowboarders

Engineered to help beginners learn tricks and experts refine their skills. Train for box tricks on the blue base, or try harder tricks onto the white top piece, which simulates rail jibbing. 

If you are an experienced snowboarder, grab the 
Jib Training Board which is stiffer and will slide along the Balance Bar.
If you are a beginner snowboarder, or prefer to do most of your training on the tramp, grab the 
Tramp Training Board. The board is flexier and the foam base grips the balance bar, making jib training a little easier.


Durable, weatherproof and solar resistant materials.

It's All About The Green Dude!

100% Recycled Materials

Like you, we care about the environment, so we made our Balance Bar completely weatherproof, solar resistant and used 100% recycled materials!

Set The Bar High!

Train in your own living room, bedroom or backyard. Wherever, whenever you want to train...BOOM! You're training and improving the following:

Snowboard muscle memory
Balance & co-ordination
Box & rail tricks
Spinning, pressing & stalling onto/off features
Leg muscle strength
Core strength
Style & ease when performing tricks
Fitness & flexibility
Trick repertoire

      Exercise Just Got Fun!

      Get fit in a fun way! This is awesome exercise (try training for more than 2 minutes without breaking a sweat!)
      Bring out at parties or with your buddies  - Play S.K.A.T.E or get creative with your buddies to invent new tricks or trick combos!

      Our Snowboard Addiction Warranty!

      We have a 1 year Hassle Free Warranty on all manufacturing defects. Shred Hard and Go Big!

      We recommend using this product in conjunction with our brand new Training Board Bindings, Jib Training Board or Tramp Training Board.

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