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Our Goal Is To Improve Your Riding

We approach our mission statement above by providing you with the world's best snowboard tutorial videos and snowboard training products. 

We are a small team of dedicated snowboarders, friends and industry professionals who want to spread the stoke of snowboarding. Read more about our Snowboard Addiction story below.

The Snowboard Addiction Story

Our Story

Snowboard Addiction is a small snowboarder-owned-and-run company, based in Whistler, British Columbia, Canada. We started back in 2007 with a few PDF manuals and some low-fi videos. Our content and quality rapidly expanded and we are now the world leader in snowboard tutorials and training equipment. 

Being an online business, we have been able to scale the business with a very small team of staff. We now have warehouses in the USA, Canada, and the UK and are able to share our educational content globally via our website.

If you are ever in Whistler though, please visit us at our head office. We would love to meet you!

"If you are already a customer, I sincerely thank you for your support. You enable us to do what we do and I am most appreciative."

"If you’re new to Snowboard Addiction, please have a look around the site. Watch some tutorials and read our product reviews. Hopefully you’ll find something to improve your riding!"

- Nev Lapwood, Snowboard Addiction Founder & Owner

The Snowboard Addiction Team