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Who Are We?

We are industry leaders for Snowboard training equipment that is specifically designed to be used on trampolines. Having worked with Olympic teams and RedBull athletes we have engineered our boards to offer the most realistic experience while ensuring your trampoline and surroundings are protected.

To Name Just A Few...

How Can We Benefit Your Facility?

We are constantly asked by our customers, "Is there anywhere near me where I can train with these boards?". As a result, we have made it our goal to have our training equipment available in as many facilities as possible.

Every facility across North America, Europe and beyond that has our gear available to train with will be added to our demo location list, and we will do the rest in directing our audience of almost 1,000,000 fans and web traffic towards you! By offering our training gear for use, we have found that our other facility partners have experienced positive results and higher footfall from a new market of board sports enthusiasts.

Additionally, we are offering a discount ranging from 35-50% off RRP to any training facility or wholesale customer! Reach out to us today to learn more!

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