How To Tailpress Front 1

How To Tail Press Frontside 180 Out

Before you attempt the Tail Press Front 1, make sure you're comfortable with 50-50 Front 1's and Tail Presses. A Tail Press Front 1 is the combination of the two tricks. It can also be called a 5-0 Front 1, which is what skateboarders refer to it as.

(Narating/Riding: Nev Lapwood, Mike Barton, Filmer: Vince Emond, Filmed at: Whistler Blackcomb)

You can simulate the trick on snow by doing a Tail Butter Front 1. This Buttering trick is the exact same physical movement. However, doing this on boxes and rails requires precise timing.

How To Tailpress Front 1Trying this trick on snow first will also help improve your buttering game and style when cruising around the mountain. 

Start Small

Starting on a small and easy box, make sure the tail of your board is pressed completely flat on the feature so that you don't use either edge. The idea is to keep your board aligned in the same direction as the jib feature and only spin out to 180 at the end. Step it up to different types of rails and bigger features, as you feel comfortable. 

How To Tailpress Front 1Try to keep your hips parallel with the feature. If your hips open up, you will end up spinning 90 degrees or more while on the feature.  

Many riders actually find it easier to do a small Nollie into this trick, as it can help you with holding the press. When you Ollie in, it's a common beginner mistake to slap your board into a brief 50-50 on the feature before locking into your tail press. While pressed, the nose of your board only needs to be 10cm or 4 inches off the ground to look stylish. 

How To Tailpress Front 1
Nollie's not only help the trick but they also look better.

The Frontside 180 Off, uses counter rotation. So your position at the end of the feature is critical for the 180 out. If your upper body is twisted open (perpendicular to your board) then it will be easy to snap a counter rotated Front 1 off the end.

How To Tailpress Front 1
Keeping your weight on your back leg is key.

You can practice this body position and technique on the Jib Board and Balance Bar all year round. The better you can do it on the Training Products, the faster that you'll be able to stomp these on the hill!

Another great way to see your mistakes and progress, ask a mate to film your Tailpress Front 1's. This will quickly highlight the areas that you need to improve on!

How To Tailpress Front 1
Practice makes perfect.

That's it! Everything you need to know to stomp the Tailpress Front 1 is right there, now go and dial it in.

Ready to move on to Nose Presses now? Check out our tutorial on how you can get these on lock down on boxes and rails now!

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