How To Ollie

How To Ollie

Ollies are one of the most essential skills to learn when it comes to Snowboarding. Whether you're hitting park jumps, side hits, urban jib features or freeriding, the ollie is the most efficient way of getting air. Get this skill on lock down and take your riding to new heights!

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(Narrating/riding: Nev Lapwood, Filming/Editing: Vince Emond.)

Ollies are key because they use the energy from the flex in your board to get you higher. Try just jumping on flat ground... you didn't get very high did you? Now let us teach you how to Ollie and get some height in that jump!

More Flex, More Spring!

Push your board forward, sliding it beneath you and balancing your hips above the tail of your board. In this position your board will be bending and lifting off the ground in a tail press position. Use this press to pop up, off your tail and into the air, landing evenly on both feet.

How To Ollie Nev using the flex in his board to maximize his ollie

Start adding weight to your front foot, to help you get your board underneath you. This helps you to get more flex and more height out of your Ollie. While it is good to get a feel for the Ollie movement on the flat, most riders find it easier to get the Ollie motion and pop while riding. 

Pressuring your front foot on an ollie Nev Leaning in and pressuring that front foot

Challenge the timing of your Ollies by using anything such as a snowball, a mitt or even a stick as a place marker on the ground to hop over and time your pop. When it comes to hitting park jumps with Ollies, timing is everything, so this exercise will really help you dial in your timing!

Using a snowball to time your ollie Nev showing us that snowballs are good for more things than just hitting skiers

Where you can use Ollies? (or more like where can't you use Ollies):

  • Freeriding
  • Sidehits
  • Park Jump Knuckles
  • Park Jumps
  • Jib Features
  • Cat Tracks
  • Over Ropes and Nets
Nev with a freeride ollie Nev getting some extra air off a roller

No matter what kind of rider you are, the Ollie is a skill you need in your trick bag!

What other skills are you keen to learn? 

Hannah Paquette
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