How To Land Spins

How To Land Spins

Learning spins on a snowboard can be very intimidating at first! However, it may be reassuring for you to know that no matter the direction or number of spins thrown, there are only two types of landings that you need to get locked in. These include the open landing and the blind landing. Let's break 'em down!

Not quite ready to land your first spins? First, you should make sure you have your entry paths for spinning locked down. 

 (Narating/Riding: Nev Lapwood, Filmer: Vince Emond, Filmed at: Whistler Blackcomb)

The Open Landing

A Frontside 180 for example has an open landing. While your body and board are rotating 180 degrees, your head stays looking in the same direction throughout the entire trick. This is considered an open landing because you are looking in the same direction that you're riding in.  

How To Land Spins
Careful!! Watch out for the knuckle!

The Blind Landing  

With a Backside 180 on the other hand you want to land blind, looking either down at your feet, the knuckle of the jump, or back up the hill. When landing blind you want to have your body slightly counter rotated and gripping the snow with your toe edge. A blind landing helps you stop your spin rotation and prevents you from reverting.

How To Land SpinsBlind landings don't mean close your eyes and pray!!

Once you have mastered both of these landings it's time to start adding more spins! When attempting a Frontside 360, think of it as doing a Frontside 180 plus a Switch Backside 180. Therefore, you would want to land blind since it uses the same landing technique as any Backside 180!

Likewise, when attempting a Backside 360, think of it as doing a Backside 180 plus a Switch Frontside 180. That means you land open just like you would with any Frontside 180. You want to land looking forwards in your direction of momentum with your body fairly aligned. Open landings can be stomped on your toe or heel edge. 

Common Mistakes 

Just like any other trick, there are a lot of common mistakes people run into when landing spins. Blind landings are often hard to wrap your head around and it can cause riders to try and land open on every spin. This will cause you to over rotate and most likely revert or take a bite out of the snow after catching your toe edge. 

How To Land Spins
Catching a toe edge sucks! Don't be that guy. 

As you progress your spins and start learning larger rotations, you will notice each additional spin alternates an open landing, then a blind landing. Here are some tips to help you remember:

  • Frontside 180 - Open landing
  • Frontside 360 - Blind landing
  • Frontside 540 - Open landing
  • Frontside 720 - Blind landing 

These are the opposite for backside spins...

  • Backside 180 - Blind landing
  • Backside 360 - Open landing
  • Backside 540 - Blind landing
  • Backside 720 - Open landing

To help you visualize it, the open landing of a Frontside 540 will be a similar technique to the open landing of a Frontside 180. On the other hand, the blind landing of a Backside 540, will be almost identical to the blind landing of a Backside 180. These tips will help you when attempting to add more spins.

Well, there you have it folks! Once you lock in these two different landing techniques, the possibilities for spinning are endless and you will really notice a progression with your spins!

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