How To Nose & Tail Grab

How To Nose & Tail Grab

Nose & Tail Grabs have the easiest names to remember of any grab but are a little tricker than the four basic grabs. This is because they require the addition of leg extensions in the air to get the grab. We break these two grabs down and show you how to lock them in and style them out!

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(Narrating/Riding: Nev Lapwood. Riding: Duncan Mainland. Film/Edit: Vince Emond. Filmed At: Whistler Blackcomb & Whistler Bounce)

Getting The Technique

In a sitting position with even legs, try reaching for the Nose of your board. You’ll find it quite difficult to reach. If you extend your back leg away while pulling your front knee in, the Nose of your board comes within grabbing distance of your front hand. 

Sitting Down To Get The TechniqueObviously, the opposite move, extending your front leg and pulling in your back leg enables you to reach a Tail Grab.

Take It To The Tramp

On a trampoline, try performing the independent leg movements. Front knee pulled up with back leg extended down, results in your board being on an angle in the air. With the same movement add a Nose Grab.

Nose Grabs On The TrampPractice makes perfect.

Remember these tips:

  • Your upper body remains neutral
  • Don’t try to bend down for the grab

Starting With The Nose Grab

On a jump you’re comfortable with try the leg movement for a Nose Grab but don’t go for the grab yet. It’s an awkward feeling to not bend both your legs evenly while in the air, so ensure you leave the lip in the exact same way as a regular jump to stay balanced in the air. When you're feeling comfortable, go for the Nose Grab. 

Nose GrabDo not reach down with your upper body for the grab. This will put you off balance.

Tail Grab

For the Tail Grab, pull in your back leg while extending your front leg.

Tail GrabSee how stylish the Tail Grab can be! They look sick!

Good Style Vs. Bad Style

Pay attention to where your hand is to ensure you dialling in that style. For the Nose & Tail Grab, always keep it on the tip and tail of your board. Keep it away from either side.

You can start to add extra style by adding more emphasis to your extensions, flexing your legs more as you grab and including small amounts of Shifty. A Frontside Shifty works well with a Nose Grab and a small Backside Shifty works well with a Tail Grab. 

Nose Grab With StyleThey don’t need to be full 90 degree Shifties, just a small amount of counter-rotation will add to the style of the trick.

That's all there is to it for the Nose & Tail Grab! Get that leg extension worked out and you'll be locking in these grabs in no time!

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