How To Coast, Pop, & Ollie

How To Coast, Pop, & Ollie

"Which is the correct method to use when jumping", you might ask? There are three answers, Coast, Pop & Ollie. 

Not quite ready to Coast, Pop, or Ollie? Check out our First Jump Tutorial.

 (Narating/Riding: Nev Lapwood & Duncan Mainland, Filmer: Vince Emond, Filmed at: Whistler Blackcomb) 


Just coasting along

The coast approach, is where you let the jump do the work for you. Start out by rolling up to the jump. Get a feel for how your board reacts to the lip of the jump. It's important to go into the jump with speed, otherwise you will roll over the lip and onto the deck. How much air you get is largely dependent on the size of the jump and your speed into it.  


How to PopPopping from flat

Now you're ready for a little bit more air. As you approach the lip of the jump, extend your legs and push off the lip of the jump. Your legs should be fully extended after leaving the lip of the jump. By Popping off the lip, you will get more air time. This additional air time will allow you to rotate, grab, or flip off the lip.  


How To Ollie           
With the Ollie, timing is everything!

This one's a bit trickier than the other jumping methods. Essentially, you're flexing into the tail of your board and letting it pop you off the jump. The Ollie is all about timing:

  1. Flex into your board as you go up the jump
  2. Release the tension in the board as you pass over the lip
  3. Pop off the jump
  4. Bring your legs up evenly in the air
  5. Stomp the landing evenly with both feet

Practice Ollieing on flat ground and rollers until you have the movement completely dialled, before taking it to a park jump. Fun fact, The Ollie comes from skateboarding. Want more trick tips to improve your park riding? 

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