Entry Paths For Spinning

Entry Paths For Spinning

First impressions are important, same goes for how you rock up to the lip of a jump. Your entry path for spinning can make or brake whether you stomp a three, or catch edge and well... While everyone has a soft spot for a good crash reel, our goal is to have you consistently landing your rotations. 

Already have your take off down? Maybe it's time to try a Back Three.

(Narating/Riding: Nev Lapwood, Filmer: Vince Emond, Filmed at: Whistler Blackcomb)

When your intention is spinning off a jump, you always want to pop from an edge. The grip you get from taking off on an edge will help you initiate the spin. However, if you take off from a flat base, your board tends to just slide across the snow and can lead to catching an edge on landing. 

When you think about spinning off a side hit, you are naturally put on edge as you approach it. Park jumps, on the other hand usually have a straight approach and require proper set-up. You can do this by using a set up carve. 

Your can spin two directions;

  • Frontside - Where your chest initiates the turn.
  • Backside - Where your back initiates the turn.


The natural way to set up a frontside rotation is from the heel edge. Start a ways back and line up a toe edge carve to the left of the jump, transitioning to heel edge as you approach the jump. You want your set up carve to bring you to the lip of the jump with your board in a straight direction. 

Frontside Heel Edge set up carve


A backside rotations natural set up is from your toe edge, the approach will mirror the heel edge set up. 

Backside Set Up Carve on your toe edge

Set up carves will also add momentum to your rotation. That said, don't carve too hard in your set up, you don't want to rely on the set up for your rotation. You should still be using your upper body to initiate the spin. 

Rotating Against Your Set Up Carve

While the natural directions to spin from toe-side and heel-side set up stated above, you can also use a toe-side carve for a frontside spin or a heel-side carve for a backside rotation. It's a little different because your board is carving one way, then spinning in the opposite direction.

set up carve for unnatural spin direction Spinning backside from your toe edge

No More Speed Checks

Carving a set up turn helps you commit to the speed needed to rotate off a park feature. It will also help eliminate speed checks you might have used before. Once you have got the right speed from the set up carve for a straight air you can use the same speed or a smidge faster to rotate off the jump. 

Set up carves take time to perfect so be patient, you'll be happy to have a good foundation when you start spinning fives and sevens.

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