How To Frontside 540

How To Frontside 540

If you're learning Frontside 540s, it's probably not your first time through the park. We're going to walk you through the Frontside 540 from the approach to riding out. You'll leave this tutorial stomping them next time you hit the park. 

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(Narating/Riding: Chase Baines, Filmer: Vince Emond, Filmed at: Whistler Blackcomb)

To compartmentalize the Frontside 540, picture it as a Front Three and Front One. If you've got these two tricks on lock, you're ready for the Front 5! If Front Threes and Front Ones aren't on lock yet, it's time to dial those in first.


Start your approach with a toe edge set up carve, then transition to your heel edge to build momentum for your frontside spin. 

The Lip Of The Jump

The combination of a 360 and a 180 means you need a little extra mustard in your spin. To achieve this extra rotation, try putting more energy into the release of your shoulders, hips and knees at the lip of the jump. 

Take off for a Frontside 540 in a snowboard 
Weighting on your back foot to add pop and tension to your take off

Bend both legs as you approach the lip, putting more weight on your back foot and the heel edge of your board as you pop off the lip. When you pop off the lip of the jump, push up with your hips, but DO NOT fully extend your knees. 

In The Air 

As you leave the lip, start to rotate and turn your head in the direction of the spin. Keep your line of sight over or just in front of your lead shoulder until you've rotated a full 360 degrees. Your head position and line of sight are crucial in maintaining momentum during your rotation.

 Line of sight through a frontside 540Use your lead shoulder as a point of reference through the rotation

Tuck your knees up. This tucked position will help with stability and speed of your rotation. Keep your shoulders rotating in a flat and consistent motion.

To go in for the grab, start with a Melon or Indy grab; these are the easiest grabs when spinning frontside because they keep your shoulders open to the direction of  rotation. 


Now for the touch down. Your landing will come into sight in front of you. Once you've spotted your landing, release your grab and follow through with your shoulders reaching all the way forward with your back arm.

Landing a Frontside 540 
Keep your lead leg high to land switch in an aligned position

When you are releasing your grab, keep your lead leg high! This will help keep your shoulders aligned to land switch and absorb impact on landing. 

When you break it down; you're simply combining tricks you already know! You got this 👊

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