The Ultimate Guide To Frontside 180's On A Snowboard

Anyone can huck a frontside 180. They may not land, or make it look stylish, but they’ll get it around. This guide will teach you how to properly frontside 180, and prevent common problems before they even happen.

This Guide has two parts:

How to Frontside 180

1- With your knees bent, come in gently with little to no set up carve. Slightly twist your torso backwards to prewind the energy for the frontside spin. Ollie off the lip on either your heel or toe edge and unwind that energy to start the spin.

- While in the air, bring your knees up as high as you can. In general, the more compressed you are in the air, the better your style is.

- Ride away switch, and focus on not reverting back to normal for at least a few seconds. Reverting can cause an edge to catch, and is not good style. 

- Add grabs to your 180s to really style them up. We designed a Jib Training Board to help you master every grab 

Common Problems

Pre Jump

It is super common for riders learning park to take way to many speedchecks. You are probably doing this if there is a voice in your head saying "Holy moly, I'm going to fast!". Once aware of this problem, fight it off psychologically and trust yourself. Your balance on takeoff will thank you.


This classic 180 problem happens when a set up carve doesn't work out and you fly off on a diagonal. Ideally, you want to be taking off the lip with your board perpendicular to the jump. This will ensure you hit the sweet spot on the landing.


You're not dancing to a Nicki Minaj song. Lift your bum back up and centre that weight over your board. On takeoff, make sure to centre your weight over your board by bending your knees, keeping your back straight and reducing the amount of edge you are on. 

Mid Jump

If it feels like you're doing a 90 and getting stuck in the air, you are using counter rotation. When learning frontside 180's, make sure to keep your body aligned all the way throughout the rotation. 

If you're board smacks your bum in the air, this is you. Most importantly, remember you're not a donkey... lift your knees up in front of you. It will feel a lot smoother, balance you out better, and your ass will thank you. 

This is the exact opposite of the problem above. By not bending your knees, you're knocking yourself off balance in the air. To improve your balance and style, just bend your knees as if you were doing a standing tuck on the ground.

Record Yourself

Whenever you're out riding and learning a new trick. The best thing you could possibly do is have a friend record you. When you analyze your footage, you will be able to see what your style looks like. After you watch yourself, when you're out riding you will know what to look out for, to correct your problems and improve your style.

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