How To Shifty Frontside 180

How To Shifty Frontside 180

A Shifty Frontside 180 is a stylized version of a Frontside 180. This trick uses rotation for the 180 combined with counter rotation while in the air for the Shifty. While it can be tricky to combine these movements, once you've got the feeling you just won't want to stop doing this trick! Learn it now with this step by step guide.

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(Narrating/Riding: Nev Lapwood. Film/Edit: Adison MacDonald. Filmed At: Whistler Blackcomb)

Start On The Trampoline

The easiest place to learn the movement is on a trampoline.

  1. Start by jumping Backside Shifties and Frontside 180s separately.
  2. Then, try a delayed Frontside 180. to do this, start to rotate the 180 with your upper body but leave your board and lower body behind until the last moment when you 180 to catch up with your upper body.
How To Shifty Frontside 180Counter rotation in the air is what allows you to stall out, then bring the board around.

For a full Shifty Front 1, you have to Shifty at the very start of the trick into the opposite direction of the 180. Learning this on a trampoline is far easier than on an actual snowboard jump. You can practice the movement here a lot and build the technique into your muscle memory.

A Small Park Jump

When snowboarding, find a small park jump that you're comfortable with and make sure that Backside Shifties and Frontside 180s are easy tricks for you.

How To Shifty Frontside 180Nev with a textbook Frontside 180.

Your Approach & Edges

Approach the jump like you would for a Frontside 180. That being said, you can use either your toe edge or heel edge but because this trick uses a lot of counter rotation, you’ll probably find it easier to do off your toes. Use a light wind up as you would to create momentum for a Front 1.

How To Shifty Frontside 180This is what your approach will look like if you're taking off your toe edge.

Stall It Out

Start with a stalled out Front 1 where your upper body rotates through the air, leaving your lower body and board in a delayed motion.

How To Shifty Frontside 180

Before landing, counter-rotate in the air to bring your board around to switch.

How To Shifty Frontside 180

When that is easy, try to push out a small Backside Shifty right at the start of the trick.

Adding In Your Shifty & Extra Poke

Only a small amount of Shifty is needed, just enough to show movement in the opposite direction to your 180.

How To Shifty Frontside 180It's all in the poke.

Your upper body should already be rotating Frontside and not doing anything different, the extra movement required for the Shifty is performed by your legs. Poke out your Shifty as much as you can, then counter rotate your board all the way around to Switch for landing.

That's how you Shifty Frontside 180! As you can see, this is a rad little variation of the standard Frontside 180 and a great way to mix up those jumps. Give it a go on your Tramp Board today, then try it next time you're on the hill! Make sure to also check out the Backside version of this trick, the Backside Shifty 180.

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