How To Advanced Frontside 180

How To Advanced Frontside 180 On A Snowboard

Frontside 180s are one of the most stylish tricks and while it is often thought of as one of the more basic snowboard tricks, you can up the ante to make them stand out. That's exactly what this tutorial is all about!

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(Narrating/Riding: Nev Lapwood. Film/Edit: Adison MacDonald. Filmed At: Whistler Blackcomb & Whistler Bounce

What Makes It An Advanced Frontside 180?

Most riders tend to spin Frontside from their heel edge. But, one technique that is super effective and becoming very popular, is spinning Frontside from your toe edge.

Entry Path

As you can imagine, when spinning Frontside off the toes the entry path changes to a heel edge setup carve transitioning to a toe edge platform on the lip. It’s the same entry path used as if you are going to spin a Backside 180.

Heel Edge Set Up CarveThe beginning of the heel edge set up carve.

This entry path does not create the Frontside momentum needed to spin, but it does give you an edge gripping against the snow. This will then allow you to push away from, ultimately initiating the a Frontside spin.

The Upper Body

As we mentioned, the toe edge set up carve does not create the momentum required for a Frontside spin. You'll have to do that with your arms and upper body. From there, you can create the momentum with either rotation or counter-rotation.

Rotation Technique

When using rotation, wind up and release your upper body into the spin with the same motion as normal Frontside spinning.

Rotation Upper BodySee how Nev's arms are behind him, this is a pre-wind position ready to spin Frontside from the toe edge.

Counter-Rotation Technique

For counter-rotation you actually open up in the opposite direction to face forwards off the jump. Your upper body and lower body twist against each other while in the air using the same technique as a Shifty.

Counter Rotated PositionThis works great for Frontside 180s but does not work for bigger spins, as the counter-rotation technique stops you from spinning more.

Adding In Some Grabs

After experimenting with some different ways of doing a Frontside 180, play around with grabs. Start with the grab you are most comfortable with on straight airs. The key for grabbing is to get a strong pop off the lip using an active but smooth extension with your legs.

Grabs In Front 1Always remember to pop from the jump!

One final note: as you start to hit bigger jumps you’ll feel how little rotation is actually required for a Frontside 180. A smooth take off from either edge with a tiny bit of upper body movement will let it float around. Take these tips and up the ante on your Front 1s today!

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