Your First Backside 180's On A Snowboard

So you've been killing it on those straight air park jumps - now it's time to start spinning on them. Let us help you learn your First Backside 180's (also termed "Back 1"). It's a super stylish trick that every snowboarder should have dialled. Check it out below now, or join our Snowboard Tutorial Membership to get all our tutorials!

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(Narrating/Riding: Nev Lapwood. Film/Edit: Adison MacDonald)

Learning your first Back 1's are slightly harder than your first Front 1's because your riding direction goes out of view during the spin. Don't let that phase you though, follow these progression steps below and you'll be right mate.

Step 1) Sliding

While riding a gentle slope, try sliding a Back 1 on the ground. Engage your toe edge with the snow to turn and continue turning all the way around until you're riding switch. 

Sliding Back 1sNice and smooth.

Don't look downhill though! Try to keep looking uphill throughout the entire 180 trusting your edge in the snow. When you're comfortably riding downhill switch, you can now turn your head to see where you're going. 

Trick Tip: It's a called Backside 180 because it's the back of your body that faces downhill throughout the first 180 degrees of the spin.

Now start to add some rotational movements with your upper body. Wind up and swing your shoulders and arms into your turns. Also try unweighting your board as you spin, to replicate popping while in the air.

Use That Upper BodyThe combination of these techniques will allow you to rotate a 180 faster.

Step 2) Traversing

Now that you've got the movements figured out, let's 180! Traverse a slope on your toe edge, wind up with your arms and shoulders to create momentum, then jump and spin uphill to complete a Backside 180. 

Popping Off A Small Bump In The SnowYou should be comfortable carving on your snowboard at this point.

Look for a small bump in the snow that you can time your release with. This will help to get higher off the ground and make the trick easier. 

Backside 180Moving your arms as little as possible is better for style.

Step 3) The Blind Landing

As you land these first Back 1's, your head should be looking somewhere around the back of your board. If you immediately look into your new direction as you land, it's likely that you'll wash out. Instead, use a blind landing.

The Blind LandingIt's important you get the blind landing engrained into your muscle memory as it is used for half of all spin tricks.

Step 4) Side Hits

Now it's time to explore the mountain and find those perfect Back 1 side hits. These are the perfect place to practice Backside 180's, because they'll force you to approach on your toe edge.

Back 1 Side HitsRemember to add more pop each time to add style to your Back 1's. Adding more height also means your Back 1's will come around easier because you are spinning slower.

Remember, start off by sliding your Back 1's on snow as this will allow you to engrain the Back 1 movements into your muscle memory. Then, practice your Back 1's while traversing, always focusing on that blind landing. Once that's dialled, you can explore those side hits and start sending your Back 1's! Stay tuned because we'll be taking it Back 1's to park jumps soon! 

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