How To Spin Frontside From The Toe Edge

How To Spin Frontside From The Toe Edge

Style out your Frontside spins and expand your trick repertoire with toe edge take offs. Once you have Frontside off your heels and Backside off your toes locked in, give Frontside off the toes a go.

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(Narating/Riding: Jay Gritolli, Filmer: Vince Emond, Filmed at: Whistler Blackcomb)


To start learning Frontside off the toes movement, get your muscle memory firing with your board off. You can use this time with your board off to also dial in pre-wind.

How to prewind for a toeside take off
Dialling your pre-wind, board off

"Pre-wind" is when you rotate your shoulders slightly backside to generate more rotation, before you release in the opposite direction. 

Toe-To-Toe Carves

Okay, now let's bring your board back into the picture. Give a stationary Toeside 180 a go, with your board on. With your board on, you can add pressure to your Toeside edge and get more of a feel for the pop and grip it gives you. Now move downhill and attempt to do toe-to-toe carves.

Spinning toeside
Toe to toe carves

You can translate these toe-to-toe carves to a small park jump, or roller. 

Frontside Off The Toes

Now you're ready for a park jump. Approach the jump as if you're going to spin Backside. Slowly extend your legs and release your pre-wind as your front foot comes off the lip of the jump. In the air, keep these three points in mind for your landing:

1. Point your back arm downhill
2. Set your toe edge
3. Absorb with your knees & ride away clean

Toeside 540Jay pulling a tasty Toeside 5

Once you're comfortable with 180s, you can add more pre-wind and pop to stomp 3s and 5s.

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