How To Nose Press

How To Nose Press Boxes & Rails

Learning how to Nose Press is significantly harder than a Tail Press, because leaning forwards while balancing on the nose can be an intimidating feeling. This tutorial is going to teach you the stepping stones so that you can Nose Press during butter tricks, right through to adding stylish Nose pPesses on street style features!

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(Narrating/Riding: Nev Lapwood. Film/Edit: Adison Macdonald. Filmed At: Whistler Blackcomb)

How to Nose Press:

We're going to break down nose presses into 3 progressive steps:

  1. Learning the position and technique of a Nose Press
  2. Buttering a Nose Press
  3. Nose pressing boxes and rails. Keep your mind out of the gutter people!

Nose Press Technique

Find a flat spot on the hill or strap into your Training Board at home. 

1. Shift your upper body weight over the nose of your board. Focus on moving your hips outside of your front foot to that imaginary point where you're pressing your weight into that spot.
Nose Press PositionFocus on your hips leaning and your back remaining upright. This is the key to your balance!

2. If you're pressing into the right spot, your tail will lift automatically. Aim for 5cm - 10cm tail lift at the beginning. Get comfortable in this small press and start to get more lean for a higher press. 

3. It may help to extend your back leg out during your press, which may lift your tail up 10cm - 15cm. This is the ideal height that will look rad! That said, a small press that's clean is much better than a big press that's unstable.

Distance from snow for a nose press
Aim for 5 - 10cm at the beginning. As you get more comfortable you can increase the height of your press. 

When you have the press dialled and your balance is in check, you can now start to butter in a Nose Press while moving.

Nose Press While Buttering

Buttering around is just plain fun on a snowboard. Adding a Nose Press into your butters will get you used to the feeling of being in this Nose Press position while moving. 

1. Simply start riding slowly on a mellow run.

2. Get into your Nose Pressed position, focussing on those hips moving to the nose so that you remain stacked and balanced. 
Nose Press In The Buttering PositionPracticing your Nose Presses in a butter will progress you to trying this trick on boxes and rails quickly and safely

3. Start small, even 5cm while moving is going to get you more and more comfortable in this position. As you get used to moving while Nose Pressing, accentuate your hips over the nose and poke out your back leg. This will give you more lift in the tail and add style.

4. Do a heap of Nose Presses while buttering, until it feels second nature. It's at this point when you want to start to incorporate this new balancing position into your jib tricks.

Box And Rails

Once your butter Nose Presses are looking good and you feel ready, take your Nose Press to an easy box. Generally a wide, ride on box is a good place to start.

1. Ride onto the box, then quickly move into the Nose Press position for the remainder of the box. 

2. As you get confidence with this feeling, start to add Nollies and Ollies to get onto the box, landing on the box in the Nose Press position.
Nose Pressing Boxes
Nose Pressing boxes is a lot of fun. Try it today!

3. For extra style, Nollie off the box at the end of the trick.

4. Once you're comfortable with your Ollies and Nollies onto the box and off a box, you're ready to start adding this trick into your street style rails. You need the Nollie or Ollie to get onto these features which is why you must have your Nollies and Ollies dialled and confidence to land in the Nose Press straight away. 
Nose Pressing Street Style FeaturesNollies and Ollies onto and off features will help you for more difficult features!
Here's a tutorial and blog on Nollies and Ollies if you need a refresher or some extra pointers. 

There you have it folks! How To Nose Press boxes and rails on your snowboard!

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