How To Boardslide Street Style Features

How To Boardslide Street Style Features

As you get better at jibbing, you're going to start to hit more street style features which require you to approach from either the Frontside or Backside. This can be a tricky stepping stone in your jibbing progression, as you go from simple ride on features, to having to jump and shift in the air to land on features. That's where this tutorial comes in as it will teach you how to start Boardsliding your first street style features.

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(Narrating/Riding: Nev Lapwood. Film/Edit: Adison MacDonald)

The Approach

For the approach of a street style feature, you are generally in at about 20 - 30 as you Ollie on.

How To Boardslide Street Style Features20 - 30 degrees and you'll be laughin'.

The Biggest Problem We See

The most common thing we see on a Backside Boardslide is people connecting with the rail then slide off early on the same side as they approached from. What's happening is you're not getting your weight up and on top of the feature. We can see this in the below picture:

How To Boardslide Street Style FeaturesWe can see he never really got on top of the rail.

How To Fix The Biggest Problem We See

If you're having this problem, try getting more momentum up on top of the feature to the point where you may even be falling off the other side. This is a great technique because if you are falling off the other side then all you have to do is find that middle ground by practicing the feature more times. 

Stopping That Momentum

You stop your momentum from going right off the other side of the feature is with a very subtle angle of your board catching against the rail.

How To Boardslide Street Style FeaturesThis works with the Frontside Boardslide too!

Once it is caught, then holding your weight over the top of the feature to slide the full length.

There it is, all the tips you need to start progressing from those small sized jib features, to some of the more difficult medium and large sized features. Enjoy!

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