How To Backside Boardslide On A Snowboard

How To Backside Boardslide On A Snowboard

The Backside Boardslide (Back Board as us in the business say), just like The Lion King, is an all time classic. It is a basic jib trick that every talented rider has on lock and with the right technique, is easily one of the most stylish tricks on the mountain.

This is just one of the three tutorials we are adding to the Jibbing section of our Streaming Membership this month. 

(Narrating/Rider: Nev Lapwood. Film/Editing: Adison MacDonald. Filmed At: Whistler Blackcomb)

Boardslide: Where your board is perpendicular to the feature you are sliding on. It is significantly harder than a 50-50 because you have a lot less surface area of your board on the feature to balance on. 

The Shuffle

Start out with the 50-50 Shuffle technique we showed you in Your First 50-50, where you 50-50 but shuffle the board back and forth. During this drill you are using counter-rotation, an important technique for your first boardslides where your upper and lower body are twisting against each other to make the shuffle movement.

50-50 Shuffle


The easiest way to progress from the shuffle technique into the boardslide position is to break it down into 2 distinct parts. Do this unstrapped to get your head around the movements required.

  1. Ride into the box without any speed checks and a relaxed body position.Unstrapped Back Board 1
  2. As you approach the box turn your upper body and arms forward like below. Unstrapped Back Board 2
  3. From here, it makes it super easy to shuffle into a boardslide position. Unstrapped Back Board 3
  4. As you leave the box, shuffle back into your regular riding stance and ride out in a relaxed position to absorb the landing. Unstrapped Back Board 4

Plus, this is something you can learn at home with the Snowboard Addiction Jib Training Board and Balance Bar

  1. Jump up into the 50-50 position.50-50 On Snowboard Addiction Training Products
  2. Initiate the body position with your upper body facing forward. Backside Boardslide On The Snowboard Addiction Training Products
  3. Shuffle into the boardslide position, feeling the counter rotation of your upper body and lower body twisting against each other. Backside Boardslide On The Snowboard Addiction Training Products

Enough Talk. Let's Ride!

Once you have the movement of counter rotating into the boardslide position, take it to a real box. The best way to start boardsliding is to 50-50 half of the box, then shuffle into a boardslide and hold that position throughout the second half of the box.  

Half & Half Backside Boardslide

Progression Stems From Repetition

As you're sliding in a counter rotated position, snap your arms back in front of you as you ride off the box, this will make you come out forwards (in your regular stance). As you begin to feel comfortable sliding the box in 2 parts, try to slide more and more of the box while holding the boardslide. 

Backside Boardslide

The idea is to get to the point where you can jump straight into a boardslide position and slide the whole length of the feature.

Backside Boardslide Rainbow Rail

    The All Important Flat Base

    The most common problem snowboarders have when trying this trick is slipping out on their heel edge, which = a sore bum, knocked head or death.

    Snowboarder Slipping Out On Heel Edge

    Make sure to keep your weight low and forward with the feature as you hold the boardslide.

    Backside Boardslide Down Tube


    That is how you do a Backside Boardslide ladies and gentlemen. Stay tuned to because in the coming months as we release more Jibbing tutorials, we look into the naming of jib tricks and where it all comes from. In the meantime, use our tips to get the Back Board on lock and improve your riding today! 

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