How To Tail Press

How To Tail Press

You're pulling off 50-50's and wanting to add a little more style to your box and rail tricks. What's next? The Tail Press! It's the one of the easiest jib tricks to learn, and a quick way to add style to your riding.

(Narrating/Riding: Nev Lapwood. Film/Edit: Adison MacDonald. Filmed At: Whistler Blackcomb)

Learning how to Tail Press on a jib feature is the exact same action as learning how to butter on the tail of your snowboard. 

Body Position

1. To start, have your board flat on the ground, and your weight in the centre of your board:

2. Move your weight to your back foot, keeping the board flat on the snow.

3. Move your weight even further back over the tail so that the nose of your board starts to rise up off the snow. Now you are in a Tail Press position! Keep your shoulders and hips in line with the board. Lean with your hips to keep your balance:

This press position (above) is what you have to master to be able to style out your tail presses.

Trick Tip - Avoid your back knee caving inwards as this won't look stylish and will put you off balance.

Press Position While Riding

After you have achieved the correct body position for tail presses, try it while riding. You should be able to hold this position for about 5 to 20 seconds comfortably. The easier it is here, the easier it will be when you come to a jib feature.

  How long can you tail press for?

Trick Tip - Make sure you when you are in the tail press position, that you are not leaning on your toe edge or heel edge. If you are not centred on the box, you are going to slip out:

Bail GiffThe "Tail boned" position

Performing the Tail Press

When it comes to your first Tail Press on a box, find the easiest box you can. A ride on box that is low to the ground and flat is ideal.

1. Approach as if you are going to do a normal 50-50. On your first attempt, just try to put a bit of weight on your back foot. You may find your board is still flat on the feature. No problem. If you want to get into that Tail Press position, you're going to have to move your weight even further to that point over your tail. Practice this step over and over until you feel your body weight naturally shift further back as you build up more confidence.

2. When you are on the box, there is only a small part of your board to balance on. Keep a flat board on the box. If you can ollie out of the Tail Press when you come to the end of the box, it will give you even more style:


3. When you're comfortable with the above steps, challenge yourself on longer features like tubes, down rails, and kinked features.

There you have it! Pretty easy hey? Now lock this trick down and impress your friends, that person you have a crush on, or your Tinder date.  

Happy Shredding!

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