Jesse-Ray Townsend

Role: Sales, Customer Service & Marketing Manager

Born: 1991

From: Burlington, Ontario, Canada

Riding Since: 2000

Favourite Mountain: Glen Eden, Ontario, Canada & Whistler/Blackcomb, BC, Canada 

Sponsors: Snowboard Addiction

Life Story: Born and raised in Burlington on "Rude" food. Jesse grew up skateboarding and snowboarding as well as playing football and golf. He attended Notre Dame for high school and then L.B.P. for a victory lap. Jesse can recite the movie Wayne's World, word for word. He loves all music except country. (He is trying)

Jesse went to Fanshawe College and Conestoga College for Marketing. After school, he moved back to Burlington for 3 years to work but knew something was missing. On a whim, Jesse booked a trip to Whistler, for the first week of March 2015.

As soon as he arrived in the village, he knew that this was what he was looking for. Despite the bad snow year, Jesse knew that if it dumped here, it would be unfathomable. After a week of shredding, partying, making friends and getting the lay of the land, Jesse flew back home. 6 months later Jesse dropped everything and moved to Whistler, with no job and nowhere to live. Jesse managed to score a house as soon as he arrived in Whistler, and a sweet ass job a year later.

This past winter DUMPED. Jesse finished the season with 99 days on the mountain, rode Emerald Chair 478 times, and did fresh tracks 14 times.