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Jib Training Board

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Train For Snowboarding All Year...Anytime, Anywhere!

It's Simple. The slippery base of this training board gives you the same feel as a snowboard sliding along a box or rail. When combined with the Training Board Bindings and Balance Bar, training for snowboarding is so realistic, you'll think you're actually jibbing features on the mountain! 


    Recommended user weight: Under 100kg (220lbs)
    Ages: No Age Restrictions (Kids - Adults)

    Dimensions: 99.5cm Long - 24.6cm Wide
    Weight: 3.3lb (1.5kg)
    Stance: 18" - 24"


    Includes access to our full library of FREE Training Board videos. 

    Board Type

     The Jib Training Board is designed for riders who want to progress their rail and box game all year!
    Use the Jib Training Board with the Training Board Bindings and Balance Bar for a super realistic snowboard feel. 


    Training Board Shape

    1. A super realistic snowboard experience (Eg. The slipperiness of the base on a rail)
    2. Size the board perfectly, to train with the balance bar and fit in your living room.
    Our final product is the ideal combination of training board size and shape, optimizing balance bar performance while maintaining a realistic snowboard feel!


     We designed our Jib Training Board with a reverse camber shape. We know you tech heads will love this shape, as the reverse camber gives you the ultimate jib board so you can press and jib until your hearts' content. For you non techsters, all you need to know is it's super realistic and it feels just like a snowboard.


    Flex 6 out of 10


    Our training boards use the most universal binding system for snowboards. This allows you to attach your own bindings from your snowboard, or our very own Training Board Bindings, designed for use with regular shoes. Bindings sold separately here.

    A Real Snowboard Core

    POP bigger with renewable poplar wood made for snowboards. Our training boards feel realistic, because they are made with the same wood cores, fibreglass supports and laminated top sheets as real snowboards. Practice realistic tricks on your training board, so you can stomp your landings when you snowboard. 


    P-Tex Base

     Our Tramp Training Board has a nice foamy base, but this sexy Jib Training Board has a silky smooth, slippery base. The slippery P-Tex base gives a more realistic feel when compared to the Tramp Training Board on top of the Balance Bar. The P-Tex base is the same as real life snowboard, so this board combined with the Balance Bar is gonna' get you in perfect shape for those rails and boxes.


    Soft Wall Technology

     No metal edges. Instead, we rounded our edges so they are silky soft, making our boards ideal for living room use. 

    Training Board Comparison Chart

    Jib Tramp Comparison Chart

    We recommend our brand new Training Board Bindings and Balance Bar, to accompany your training board

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