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Saxon Farnworth

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Role: General Manager

Born: 1987

From: Brisbane, Australia

Riding Since: 2009

Favourite Mountain: Whistler/Blackcomb, BC, Canada 

Sponsors: Snowboard Addiction

Life Story: Saxon moved to Whistler, BC, Canada a few years ago, to live in the mountains and pursue his snowboard addiction!

In Australia, Saxon worked full time running some of the worlds largest learn to swim schools and studied a degree in Psychology full time. Saxon knew that all work and no play was not the healthiest way forward in life, so after he finished his degree, Saxon and his fiancé moved to the mountains and have been here ever since! Saxon says that the decision to move to the mountains was the best decision he has ever made.

Saxon met Nev in Whistler and Saxon has managed Snowboard Addiction ever since!