How To 50-50 Frontside 180

How To 50-50 Frontside 180

50-50s are one of the easiest Jib tricks out there, adding a Frontside 180 out, is going to add tonnes of style to this basic trick. You may have 180s down on jump features but without an edge to push from, this doesn't always translate to jib features. We've put together some killer tips on getting that rotation off jib features, from boxes to street style rails.

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Our biggest tip for this jib rotation can be summed up in two words; Counter Rotation. When you 180 off a jump you can edge into the take off to initiate the rotation but jib features don't offer that edging ability. This is where counter rotation comes in, by twisting your upper and lower body against each other, you can create that 180 rotation you're after. 

Practice on flat by twisting your upper body forward over the nose of your board, leaving your base flat. Then use your core muscle to bring your board around 180 degrees. Then take this technique to a gentle slope. Draw an imaginary feature in the snow, using the start and end as your tiggers to jump onto the feature and 180 out of it.

How to 50 50 frontside 180 
Nev tracing out a jib feature to practice on

Now you're ready to take your skills to an actual jib feature. Find a feature you are comfortable with and use what you've been practicing on flat. Focus on your position at the end of the feature. Exiting the feature facing forward, with your arms and shoulders perpendicular to the feature, will help you rotate out.

How to 50 50 frontside 180 out Exiting the jib feature positioned for success

This technique will translate to all jib feature in the park and is actually a little easier on more street style features that you can angle your board against. 

How to 50 50 frontside 180 out 
Nev getting ready to 180 out of a street style feature

The Jib Board and Balance Bar can help you lock in your muscle memory and practice this trick before you even take it to the snow. The movement on the Jib Board and Balance Bar will activate your core and help you get comfortable with counter rotation, so your ready when you're approaching jib features. 

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