How To Learn Advanced Jib Tricks

How To Learn Advanced Jib Tricks

Our Jibbing series has been providing you with fundamental jib skills to progress your riding. Now, it is time to put on that helmet of destiny, strap into those bindings of opportunity and learn "The Formula". Five steps that you can apply to learn any advanced jib trick!

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(Narrating/Riding: Nev Lapwood. Riding: Jesse Millen. Film/Edit: Adison MacDonald. Filmed At: Whistler Blackcomb)

Step 1. Understand

Understand the movements of the trick by taking your board off and simulating what is required to do the trick. Are you using rotation or counter rotation? Are you pressing on your front foot or your back foot? Is there anything else required to make the trick happen? 

The Wormie Snowboard TrickThis may or may not be an actual snowboard trick.

Step 2. Practice

Practice the movement in a safe environment on a Jib Training Board and Balance Bar. You will now have a board on your feet, which means you can now start drumming into your muscles the actions required to make the trick come together.

Practicing Advanced Jib TricksAs far as practice goes, this is pretty fun.

The more you practice a trick in a safe environment, the more you're building muscle memory to stomp that trick clean on the mountain.

Step 3. Butter

Now that you have the actions dialled, butter the trick on the snow. You will have your boots on and you will be strapped in, so it is now going to feel similar to when you are on a box. 

Buttering On A Snowboard
Keep your edge up because catching an edge sucks.

The only real difference here, is that when you're buttering, you are using a slight bit of edge at all times to control your speed and avoid catching an edge. When it comes to a box, you have to keep your base dead flat with the feature.

Step 4. Extra Small

Initially, try the trick on the easiest feature you can find. The easier the feature, the more likely you will be able to successfully complete the trick. It's also going to reduce the consequences in case you fall. If you do fall, please wear a GoPro here so we can all see some Jerry action. Thank you.

Nose Press Front 180 OutUnderstand all the movements here, then you are ready for Step 5...

Trick Tip. Before dropping in, take a moment and go back to Step 1 and visualize the trick in your mind. This little bit of sport psychology works wonders!

Step 5. More Difficulty Please

Now that you have progressed through the first four stages, take your skills to more difficult features. Longer boxes, boxes with a gap on and features that change in angle. By doing this, you are now starting to do this trick on all types of advanced rails and boxes.

Backside Boardslide 270 Out
This is what you're aiming for; Smooth, stylish and a damn cool trick.

This five step formula is a very safe way to simulate and learn any advanced jib trick. Keep this formula secret, or not so secret (we really don't care) and use it to progress your jib tricks and become a better rider in 2017.

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