How To 50-50 Backside 180

How To 50-50 Backside 180

50-50s are your bread and butter of jibbing, learn how to 180 out and give your 50-50s a style boost. The 180 out will also help build your confidence on blind landings and feeling out features, because well you kind of have to...

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(Narating/Riding: Nev Lapwood, Filmer: Vince Emond, Filmed at: Whistler Blackcomb

The hardest part about a Backside 50-50 180 Out is the blind landing. We're going to walk through landing blind ant the other elements that put together the Backside 50-50 180 Out. 

The foundation of the Backside 50-50 180 Out is counter rotation. When doing a 180 off a jump you are able to edge into the jump pushing off to get that rotation. On a rail you don't have that edging ability and you rely on counter rotation. To dial in counter rotated 180s start on flat and twist your upper and lower body against each other(your upper body towards the tail of your board), winding up for that rotation. Hop and release the tension built up in your upper body to complete a 180 rotation and land looking behind you (landing blind).

Counter Rotation  
Winding up that counter rotation 

Now take this technique to a gentle slope, and execute that 180 rotation while sliding. Once you have counter rotated 180s down on flat and sloped terrain, it's time to take it to a feature. 

Choose an easy feature you are comfortable and familiar with. Because the rotation is done by counter rotating your body, going off the end of the feature blind will help you with the rotation (so being familiar with where the end of the feature is, will help). Rotate your body against the direction you are going to rotate your board, facing the start of the feature.

Exiting a backside 50-50 180 out 
Nev feeling out the end of a box for his 180 out

As you rotate off the feature landing blind, and riding away switch will help you avoid over rotating. Once you are comfortably riding away you can look in your new direction of travel. 

Practicing these movement at home with a Jib Board and Balance Bar will help your muscle memory form around these movements and make them come easier on snow.  

Practice on your Jib Board at Home 
Extend your training time and speed up your jibbing progression

Once you get comfortable with this rotation you will actually find it easier on more street style features that you can angle your board against to start the rotation. 

There you have it the Backside 50-50 180 Out, get out there and send it🤘

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