How To 270 Out

How To 270 Out

The 270 Out is a difficult jib trick but today, we're going to give you the steps on how you can progressively work up to attempting 270's Out. From there, we'll then give you the tips you need to stomp both the Tailslide 270 and the Front Blunt 270 Out. Although this is a fairly advanced jib trick, it will add a tonne of style to your riding that is sure to turn some skulls.

This is the Regular version of this trick, if you need the Goofy version, it is available on the Snowboard Tutorial Membership.

(Narrating/Riding: Nev Lapwood. Filmed At: Whistler Blackcomb)

Tailslide 270's

The Tailslide 270 Out is generally considered the easiest 270 out trick to learn and the best one to tackle first. This trick uses similar movements to a Frontside 360, but with a jib feature in the middle, so be sure you have Front 3's locked in.

Tailslide 270 OutSee, just like a Front 3 but with a jib feature in the middle.

Step 1) Movement

Pretend you're coming towards a box and wind up a little like a Front 3. As you reach the box, jump into a 90 degree position with your weight stacked over your back leg.

Weight Over Your Back FootPutting that weight on the back foot is key. It not only adds style but allows you to pop an Ollie out.

As you're sliding, allow your upper body to continue rotating around until you reach a maximum wound up position. From here, it is easy to snap a 270 out using counter rotation.

Counter RotationIt's a combination of using rotation throughout most of the trick, and counter rotation right at the end.

When you land, your upper body will be facing uphill using a blind landing, similar to how you land a Front 3. Jump this movement with your board off a bunch of times as this will allow you to feel how it works and understand the movements required.

Step 2) Buttering

As you may have seen in our other tutorials, buttering is a great way to learn any kind of jib trick and the Tailslide 270 Out is no different. Ride down the slope then Ollie and rotate onto your tail, open up your upper body and snap the 270 Out.

Buttering The 270 OutThe important difference is that when you're buttering this trick, you need to be on your heel edge. When you're jibbing, you need that base to be flat.

Step 3) Balance Bar

Before you take the Tailslide 270 to an actual jib feature, it's best to refine your skills using a Balance Bar and Training Board. On your Balance Bar, jump up into the Tailslide position, balancing on your back foot. 

Back FootThe reason you put your weight on the back foot, is that it makes it easier to pop the 270 out with a small Ollie.

Open up your shoulders and as you reach the max wound up position, counter rotate the 270 out and land blind. It's important to emphasis each movement, because the more realistic you make it here, the easier it will be on the hill.

Step 4) The Tailslide 270 Out

On the hill, find the easiest feature available and warm up with a few Boardlsides and Boardslides to Fakie. Next, try a Tailslide to Fakie, where your weight is over your back foot. 

TailslideThis uses the same position as a Tailslide 270 Out but with less rotation.

Don't forget about your set up line. The setup should be almost identical to the set up for a Front 3, approaching with a little toe edge set up carve, then transferring onto the heel edge. This set up line helps to initiate your momentum into the Frontside direction. 

The Set Up LineThe set up for the Tailside 270 Out requires an approach on the toe edge then a transfer onto the heel edge.

Front Blunt 270

A Frontside Bluntslide 270 Out is the exact same trick as the Tailslide 270 Out, but opposite. The main difference between these two tricks, is that you slide the feature backwards and rather than using a frontside spin, it is a backside spin throughout the trick.

Front Blunt 270 OutYou can use the steps above to learn the Front Blunt 270 Out, just remember, it is a backside spin throughout the trick, rather than a frontside spin.

Although 270's Out may seem like an advanced jib trick, once you break the trick down, it immediately becomes much easier. Remember, get the movements locked in, butter the trick on snow to get the feeling of it, practice on your Balance Bar at home to dial it in then take it to the mountain and stomp it!

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