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How To 270 In On A Snowboard

Jumping 270 into a feature is an advanced jib trick and will definitely make your park riding stand out. In this tutorial, we will give you the 270 in progression plan you can follow, to nail your first Frontside and Backside 270s In!

Once you've got your 270 In dialled, make sure you check out our How To 270 Out tutorial. Combine these jib tricks together and we'll see you at X Games in the near future.

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(Narrating/Riding: Nev Lapwood)

Frontside 270 In

The easier of the two 270 In tricks is the Frontside 270. The easiest way to learn the trick is to take your board off, jump the 270 In and simulate the movements required:

  1. Wind up.
  2. Frontside 270.
  3. Pause your rotation in this 270 degree position using your core.
  4. Finish off with a 90 degree rotation in the same direction to land in your regular riding stance.
Frontside 270 InHint, Front 3's should be pretty easy for you, so if you've got these locked, you're good to try the Frontside 270 In.

Next Level Dry Land Training

A Balance Bar will give you that next level of training that your Frontside 270 In requires. This is ideal because it simulates a 270 In perfectly, making you balance as you land on the feature.

Frontside 270 In On A Balance BarPracticing on a Balance Bar is super realistic. It helps you develop the muscle memory required for a Front 270 In.

To get comfortable, jump a Frontside 180 In and Switch Backside 180 Out. When you're feeling confident with that, jump a Frontside 270 In and ride out in your normal stance. This 270 In is the exact same movement as the Frontside 180 In, just with 90 degrees of extra rotation.


The next progression step is to butter the Frontside 270 In while riding on a gentle slope.

  1. Approach on your heel edge.
  2. Wind up.
  3. Jump a 270 and pretend your sliding on a box.
  4. Rotate 90 degrees to come out in your normal riding stance.
Buttering Front 270 InJust remember to keep your edges up while buttering, but keep a perfectly flat base when you go to a real box or rail.

Frontside 270 Onto A Box

Now, we take it to a box! The widest and easiest box you can find. Just like we did with the Balance Bar, the first step is to do a Frontside 180 In, Switch Backside 180 Out on the box.

When you are attempting your first Front 270 In, remember that the set up is similar to a Frontside 360; a toe edge set up carve, then transitioning to a heel edge as you get to the feature.

Frontside 270 In = Frontside 360Please note, it may be hard to stop your rotation when you spin onto features. Being able to stop your rotation adds more style and is essential as you start hitting bigger rails.

Street Style

The next step is to learn 270's into features that require a street style entry. You must approach the feature from either the Frontside or Backside, making this trick significantly harder.

Just as we learnt before, approach the feature on your heel edge and on your Backside. Wind up with your upper body to initiate the Frontside 270 and spin into the rail. As you make contact with the feature, ensure your base is perfectly flat then rotate out 90 degrees to your normal riding stance. If your board isn't flat, you will slip out or catch an edge.

Front 270 InThe most important thing when 270 into rails, is to get your board up and above the features you don't hit it with your board as you 270.

Backside 270 In

The Backside 270 In uses the exact same progression plan as the Frontside 270 In.

  1. Start with your board off and dial in the movements required. Remember to rotate like you would for a Backside 360.
  2. Take it to the Balance Bar to engrain the Backside 270 In into your muscle memory.
  3. Butter the trick on snow to get the feeling of the Backside 270 In. The only difference here is that while you are on snow, you will be keeping you edges up.
  4. Find the easiest box and start trying the Backside 270 In. If it is difficult for you, start with a Backside 180 In, as this will give you the feeling of the Backside 270 In.
  5. Once it's dialled on a box, take it to street style features. As you approach, make sure you pop enough to get your board over the feature as you spin the Backside 270.
Back 270 InThe Backside 270 In. Use the exact same progression plan as you did for the Frontside 270 In, but this time rotate Backside, like you would for a Back 3.

Now that you've got the steps on how to Frontside and Backside 270 In, give it a go now! As the Frontside and Backside 270 become easier, don't be afraid to try them on tougher street style boxes and rails to make your riding stand out.

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