Getting Comfortable

Getting Comfortable On A Tramp Board

A trampoline is a great way to practice your snowboard tricks. Plain and simple.

When you combine your tramp training with a Snowboard Addiction Tramp Board, you use the same muscles that you use while snowboarding. Therefore, you can improve the look, the feel and the timing of your tricks on the tramp, so that when you strap into your snowboard again, you'll stomp new tricks with better style.

This tutorial is going to get you comfortable on the trampoline.

(Riding: Duncan Mainland. Film/Edit: Vince Emond. Filmed At: Whistler Bounce)

Getting Started

If you haven't been on a trampoline much before, just get on and bounce around before strapping into the Tramp Board. Become familiar with how the tramp moves, how grippy it is and how much bounce it's going to give you.

Get ComfortableBefore you send it, get comfortable with how the trampoline works.

Start with small jumps, then gradually bounce higher. Experiment by moving your arms around and sucking up your legs as you bounce. Try and do big smooth movements and keep your head up for balance. Once you're feeling good, move around the tramp to get a feeling of how it changes in different areas. 

Drop to your knees or back, then jump back to your feet. Do some bum drops by extending your legs in front of you, landing on your bum, then bouncing back to your feet.

Knee DropBounce like a cat.

The Next Step

Try landing flat on your back and bouncing back to your feet, this is called a Back Drop. Once those are dialled, give Front Drops a try. This is where you landing on your stomach and look either to the right or the left. Take as much time as you need to play around and get comfortable with the trampoline. Chances are you're not going to land everything you try first go, so practice these a lot as they'll eventually click. Having a feeling of landing in different positions will really help your safety and your progression. One of the main reasons these fundamental skills are good to know, is so you can get yourself out of awkward situations when you start learning tougher tricks.

Tramp Facilities 

If you're going to a trampoline facility, enquire about lessons. A certified tramp coach will get you started with the basics and help you all the way through to your biggest tricks. 

CoachingCoach Dean knows everything.

Once you're ready for the Tramp Board, strap in on the trampoline and stand up in a centered and stacked position. Just make sure you:

  • Keep you head up and hands over the nose and tail
  • Start with some small hops but increase your intensity and range of movement to go bigger
  • Concentrate on doing a big push against the trampoline to go bigger, not just lifting your legs up

There you have it, everything you need to start getting comfortable on a trampoline. Remember, you won't be amazing right away so keep practicing!

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