How To Wildcat

How To Wildcat On A Tramp Board

A Wildcat is a sideways facing backflip coined by the OG Wildcats crew. This trick is done by flipping backwards over your tail while keeping your shoulders and upper body parallel with your snowboard.

Because of this slightly awkward axis, the Wildcat can be a difficult trick to nail correctly and is why we have this tutorial; to explain the in's and out's to have you stomping it in no time!

(Narrating/Riding: Chase Baines. Film/Edit: Adison MacDonald. Filmed At: Whistler Bounce)

Step One

Start with a progression into Wildcats by standing sideways in a hunched forward position. Then rotate backwards over over your tail into a back drop. Continue with the momentum in your legs and push from your back to complete the flip and land in your original stance.

How To WildcatPractice this a few times to get familiar with the axis of the flip and to build your confidence.

Step Two

When you are ready, try the full flip without the board on. Keep the progression in mind and treat it like a tucked up side flip. When you can do this comfortably, strap into the Tramp Board once again.

Trick Tip: The initiation of a sideways flip while hunched forward comes from a twisting motion in your hips, using your back arm to torque your shoulders and core muscles into the flip as you extend into your bounce.

Step Three

Now that you're back on the board, follow through with your back arm into an Indy grab as it can help you tuck in and accelerate your flip. As you throw your shoulders keep your lead elbow out in front throwing it straight up and back. Ensure you follow the momentum and direction with your head.

How To WildcatChase keeping that lead elbow high ready to pounce on the Wildcat.

Keeping your lead elbow straight out in front provides two great benefits. It keeps you aligned and as you initiate the flip, it will give you a reference point for where to look.


That's all the tips you need to start whipping our some Wildcats. Remember to keep those shoulders aligned, that lead elbow high and grab Indy to get this one around. Enjoy!

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