Tramp Series

This trampoline series is designed as a progression plan for snowboarders of any skill level. We cover basic beginner tricks you can learn on a trampoline and Tramp Board all the way up to some high level snowboard tricks! Enjoy! 

Intro To Trampolines


Getting Comfortable On Your Tramp Board


How To Frontside Shifty


How To Backside Shifty


Advanced Shifties


Basic Grabs


Nose & Tail Grabs


Frontside 180's


Backside 180's


Frontside 180's With Grabs


Backside 180's With Grabs


Spinning Toe & Heel Edge


Indy Tweaked


Tweaked Grabs


Double Tail & Rocket Air


Seatbelt & Crail Grab


Japan & Tuck Knee




Shifty Frontside 180


Shifty Backside 180


Backside 360's


Frontside 360's


360's With Grabs


Switch 360's


Backside 540's


Frontside 540's




Tamedog & Wildcat (Flips)


Cork Spins & Rodeo's


Backside Cork 540


Frontside Cork 540


Frontside Rodeo 540


Backside Rodeo 540


Backside 720


Frontside 720


Double's Progression


Tramp Series Recap