Jib Series

This Jib Series is designed as a progression plan for snowboarders of any skill level. We cover basic beginner tricks you can learn on your Balance Bar and Jib or Tramp Board all the way up to some high level snowboard tricks! Follow along and get those jib tricks dialled for the season! 



The Jib Setup


Strapping In


Getting Comfortable


Front & Back 50-50


Nose & Tail Presses


Backside Boardslide


Frontside Boardslide


Frontside Lipslide


Backside Lipslide


Boardslides To Fakie


Switch Tricks


Sliding On Different Parts Of Your Board


Blunt Slides


Frontside 180's Out


Backside 180's Out


Frontside 180's In


Backside 180's In


180's Into Presses


180 In 180 Out With Rotation


180 In 180 Out With Counter-Rotation


Tailslide 270 & Back Blunt 270


Front Blunt 270 & Back Tail 270







Frontside 270's In


Hard Way 270's


270 In 270 Out


50-50 360's Out


Jib Series Recap