Never Too Old To Learn New Tricks

Never Too Old To Learn New Tricks

At 50 years of age, snowboarder Mark Vorass has a better freestyle game than most, throwing 3's and backies with ease. Picking up snowboarding at the age of 40, Mark has packed an incredible amount of training into 10 years. Recently, Mark started his own blog and we couldn't be more stoked. Mark dedicated this episode to his training and Snowboard Addiction's role in his snowboarding progression:

 Mark Vorass ripping it up at his home resort

Mark grabbed his Snowboard Addiction Tramp Training Board back in 2014 and has put it through the paces. After 4 years of Training, it's still going strong.

Not Your Everyday Routine

Mark starts his day with a coffee and a Snowboard Addiction tutorial, followed by a backyard tramp session. Pre-training tutorial time lets Mark not only finish his coffee but start visualizing his training and set a plan in motion, so he isn't just jumping around on a trampoline but working towards a trick. 

Trampoline Training 
Mark testing out backies in the backyard

Breaking down his training session into different blocks helps to learn new skills more effectively:

  1. Watch the Frontside & Backside 360 Tutorials, along with the tutorial of the trick that he is focusing on that day.
  2. Warms up on the Tramp with Straight Airs, basic grabs and a couple 180's.
  3.  Moves onto spinning 360's and throwing Backflips
  4. Lastly he works on the new trick or skill he wants to learn.

This trampoline time isn't only about working towards new tricks though, it also helps prepare Mark for the upcoming season with a great workout and that replicates snowboarding movements. That way, when the snow falls, Mark is ready to send it.

On snow results 
Taking tramp training to the snow

Thank You Mark

Snowboard Addiction is beyond stoked to be such a huge part of Mark's training process! Throwing down 3s and backflips at the age of 50 is something I think we all would be stoked with!

Have a success story with your Snowboard Addiction training gear? We'd love to hear from you:

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