'Maximise' Reviews Our Snowboard Addiction Tramp Board!

Check Out This Video Below!

Max Henault, owner of the world renowned Maximise training facility in Quebec, Canada, just sent us this absolutely rad review of our Tramp Training Board and how he uses our snowboard Training Gear to train his pro snowboard athletes off the mountain!

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  • If you want to learn from one of the best trainers in the business? Check out Max's facility:

Address: 299 hp. Castor Mountain. Ste-Agathe. Qc. Can. J8C 2Z8
Phone: 514-918-6957
Email: Max@maximiseit.ca
Website: www.imaximise.com

    Check out the man himself, Max Henault and his very own shredit! Super stylish, super clean... and for 35, Max shows that age is arbitrary when it comes to throwing down on a snowboard!

    Max also trains Pro Snowboarders using our Snowboard Addiction Training Boards! Pro Snowboarder, Seb Toots for example, shredding on our boards at his training facility YESTERDAY:

    (Sebastien Toutant throwing a BS540 nose grab with the Snowboard Addiction Tramp Training Board)

    If you haven't seen what Seb Toots can do on a Snowboard, watch this edit below. I dare you to try and keep your jaw from hitting the floor at least once before the end of Seb's edit:

    Get Your Own Gear And Shred Anytime, Anywhere!

    MAXIMISE and pro athletes like Seb Toots, train off the mountain using the Snowboard Addiction Training Gear. Click the links below to learn more on individual products, or purchase your own so you can train for your snowboarding all year round!

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    ​The Snowboard Addiction Team
    Our Goal Is To Improve Your Riding!

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