Jamie Nicholls Training On Our Gear!

Jamie Nicholls Training On Our Gear!

Check out this dope video that Great Britain PRO RIDER Jamie Nicholls posted of his rehab training, using our Tramp Training Board

You can see Jamie using the board at around the 2 minute mark of his video blog:

Have You Seen Jamie Nicholls Shred?

Watch these 2 sick videos the GB Park and Pipe team and Jamie released. They make a track outside their training facility and the footage is AWESOME!

Get Your Own Gear!

In this video, Jamie uses our snowboard Training Boards to help him train and work on rehabilitation for his injuries. He uses his own bindings, as our boards are compatible with almost all bindings. If you want to make training even more convenent and comfier, check out our Training Board Bindings. We make our bindings for regular shoes, so you can train whenever the urges kick in!

Click the links below to learn more about our training gear, or grab your own so you can train your snowboarding all year round!

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