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Our Little Shredders At The Burton Riglet Park

Posted by Andrew Narkewicz on

Check out our little shredders at the Burton Riglet Park in Whistler, BC! We had kids as young as three on our SA training boards and balance bars!

The kids are just playing and having fun, but they are also improving their co-ordination, balance and muscle memory too!

Check out the footage of our little shredders in action!


Mum's and Dads! We have figured out a way to make the stance on our SA training boards super close! All you have to do is screw each binding to the inner two screw holes only. This makes the bindings super close together, giving the youngest of kids the opportunity to have fun and improve their co-ordination, balance and snowboard muscle memory!  

Products Used

In this video, we used our snowboard training board and balance bar. Click the links below to learn more, or purchase your own.

  • Tramp Training Board - Free shipping in the USA and Canada. Cheap shipping in the UK!
  • Balance Bar - Free shipping in the USA and Canada. Cheap shipping in the UK!


Saxon & the Snowboard Addiction Team

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