Coach Taevis And His Snowboarding Journey

Coach Taevis And His Snowboarding Journey

Everyone starts their snowboarding journey somewhere, i Started mine on a little hill in Alberta Edmonton. The first time i went snowboarding i was 6 and decided to stick with skiing. That was into the cool kid at school started boarding and i had to fallow suit.

It became something i did every now and then, and my mom put me in a club that i road with 1 day a week. 

This made me enter my first contest, were I took a massive fall in practice by catching my edge, to later landing that trick in my last run to take home first place.

This gave me such a massive feeling of achievement and the fact i won something that wasn't just a ribbon like offer sports I was doing, these 2 things inspired my passion and obsession towards snowboarding I still hold to this day.


I was lucky enough to have great coaches and a mom who helped me every step of the way, including getting me link up with Nev.
As well as grandparents who let me live with them to snowboard when I was young, and a dad who was stoked on whatever I did.

It takes a lot of luck time and passion to master this sport.
And not everyone will have the chance to get to focus 100% on snowboardinf, but I hope i can use all of the things i learned to help as many people learn about snowboarding as possible.

So if your goal is carving 360s 1080s I will do my best to help you achieve it, Because snowboarding is fun, and dedicating myself to it was the best choice of my life. And maybe it could be yours too!!!

Ether way lets improve together and learn to shred this crazy world 1 trick at a timw🏂