How To Nose Press Front 1

How To Nose Press Front 1

If you are looking to add more style to your riding then look no further! Nose presses are a great way to add style to your riding and can be done off almost any feature. A Nose Press Front 1 has a lot of similarities to a Tail Press Front 1. Neither of these tricks are necessarily harder than the other, but it just depends if you prefer Nose Presses or Tail Presses. Before attempting the Nose Press Front 1, make sure you have 50-50 Front 1's and Nose Presses on lock!  

(Narating/Riding: Nev Lapwood, Mike Barton, Filmer: Vince Emond, Filmed at: Whistler Blackcomb)
Practice with Butters!

You can simulate this trick on snow by first doing a Nose Butter Front 1. This buttering trick requires the exact same physical movements, but to lock it down on a box or a rail requires precise timing!

Start small. Find a small easy box in the park for your first attempt. Many riders find it difficult to commit to a Nose Press because of how far forward you actually have to lean. On down features you have to lean even further forward to lock in that press.

How To Nose Press Front 1
This feeling might be awkward at first until you hit that balance point 
The Press

When pressed, the tail of your board only has to be about 10cm or 4 inches off the ground for it to look stylish. A common mistakes with presses is to focus on lifting the tail off the ground, when in reality the main focus should be really pressing that front foot into the ground. If this is done properly, the tail of your snowboard should lift by default. If you focus on pressing your nose throughout the feature, this will also help you lock in that balance point  

How To Nose Press Front 1
Don't think of it as lifting the tail, but rather pressing the nose
The 180 Out

Once you've locked in the Nose Press, it's time to start spinning out. The idea is to hold the press and keep your board aligned with the same direction as the jib feature and only spin out at the end. The Front 1 off uses counter rotation, so your position at the of the jib feature is important for the 180 out. If your upper body is facing open towards your nose and perpendicular with your board then it will be easy to spin a counter rotated Front 1 off the end of the feature.

As you exit the feature, popping a Nollie out will add a lot of style to this trick and create an even more floaty feeling leaving the feature. 

How To Nose Press Front 1
Counter rotation makes the Front 1 off the feature a breeze!
Practice makes perfect

You can practice the body position and technique all year round using a Jib Board and Balance Bar. The better you can do it here, the easier it will be on the mountain! Practicing these movements will give you the muscle memory to make stomping this trick a breeze! 

How To Nose Press Front 1
Lock in that muscle memory and be ready for the slopes!

Just remember, when you're first learning this trick it is important to start small. Once you have it locked down on a small box feature, step it up to a bigger box or even a rail. From here you can take this trick to almost any feature in the park that you feel comfortable on and it will add a ton of style to your riding! 

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