How To Backside 540

How To Backside 540

When learning Backside 540's, there are two crucial tricks you need to have perfected, before attempting the Back 5; the Backside 180 and the Backside 360. Both of these tricks make up the framework for spinning a Backside 540 and if you have them perfected a Back 5 should come with ease. If you're not quite ready for a Backside 540, check out our tutorial on How to Backside 360.

(Narating/Riding: Nev Lapwood, Chase Baines, Filmer: Vince Emond, Filmed at: Whistler Blackcomb)

Spotting the Landing

As you progress your riding and start adding more spins into your arsenal, spotting the landing can become more and more difficult. In the case of the Backside 540, you spot the landing at the exact same time you spot the landing for a Back 3. On both tricks, you spot the landing in the air at about 270 degrees of rotation.

How To Backside 540
Same same, but different

Landing a Back 5 uses the same landing technique as a Back 1. They both incorporate the blind landing, which means you land looking back uphill or at the knuckle of the jump. If you can land Back 1's perfectly, riding away switch on your toe edge, then this will give you the confidence to stomp your Back 5's too.

How To Backside 540
Blind landings mean you look back uphill to spot your landing rather than in front of you
The Takeoff

The takeoff of a Back 5, is more or less the same entry path as a Back 3. Use a heel edge setup carve as you approach the jump, and transition to your toe edge while riding up the lip. Spinning from your toes will help you create backside momentum as you leave the lip of the jump. If your Backside 3's are feeling really floaty and you land them clean every time, then its time to step it up to a Back 5! 

How To Backside 540
Notice how similar the entry path is for both tricks
Your First Back 5 

Start small. A small park jump is a great place to start for your first Back 5's. The only difference needed to spin a 540 compared to a 360 is a slight bit of extra effort put into your pre-wind. This will help you create more torque when popping off the lip of the jump to give you that extra half spin needed for a 540. On your first attempt, you may do a 450... this is fine on small jumps while learning, but not safe for big jumps. If you spin a 450 and land on your toe edge on a small jump, you will be able to slide the last bit of the 540 once you connect with the snow. This is a great way to build up to a full 540! 

How To Backside 540
Landing on your toes will keep you from catching an edge if you under-rotate the 540 
Practice makes perfect 

Jumping on a trampoline with a Tramp Board is a great way to practice spinning 540's. The timing required for winding up and releasing on a trampoline will be almost identical to the timing required for winding up and releasing on snow. Being able to lock down smooth spins on a tramp will help develop the muscle memory required to spin smooth 540s in the park!

As you start to move to bigger jumps, spinning the full 540 becomes easier! More time in the air gives you a better chance at getting the full spin around and you can even add in grabs to make your 540's more stylish! 

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