#GETSENDY2017 Tramp Board Contest

#GETSENDY2017 Tramp Board Contest

How To Enter GET SENDY 2017:

1. Create a 10 - 30 second edit of yourself throwing down on a Snowboard Addiction Training Board. Your video entry must be feature your best tricks. Added points for style and creativity.

2. Upload your edit to either Facebook or Instagram within the specified dates of July 15th to July 30th 2017. You're able to upload as many edits as you'd like. We will judge your best edit. 

3. Your video entry must tag @snowboardaddiction and #GETSENDY2017 on either Facebook or Instagram. If your video doesn't have the required hashtag, it will not be considered eligible. To improve the chance of your videos being seen get your friends to engage with your video.

The Prizes Up For Grabs:

1st: Sponsorship from Snowboard Addiction, plus a SA Snowboard & Training Board of your choice. 

Yes, you read that correctly. The first place winner will get sponsored by Snowboard Addiction. They will also be able to choose between a Limited Edition Addict or a Limited Edition Rehab. Along with the snowboard, the winner will be able to choose between either a Tramp Board or a Jib Board

2nd: A Snowboard Addiction Training Board of your choice

The winner will be able to choose between a Tramp Board or a Jib Board. 

3rd: A Snowboard Addiction Hoodie

The winner will receive a brand new Snowboard Addiction Hoodie.

For full contest details, please check out our Contest Disclaimer page

Don't Have A Tramp Board?

If you don't have a Tramp Board and want to enter the contest, we're offering a discount just for you. Get yours here:

Snowboard Addiction

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