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Snowboard Addiction Rehab 147
Snowboard Addiction Rehab 147 Side View
Snowboard Addiction Rehab 150
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$449.00 USD

Limited Edition Rehab

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Check yourself into rehab and get a dose of adrenalin on the new limited edition Rehab snowboard. Straight up, this board is SO much fun!

This is the board that you can hit it all; greens, blacks, pow, park and even the occasional bar during apres. The slightly softer flex and sintered base, combined with hybrid camber, mean this board will butter like a boss while holding an edge in those deep Euro-carves. When it comes to the park, the camber under the feet provide the precision you need, meaning you never miss your line. That poplar wood core also gives you enough to get on top of rails and breach the pipe.

Our advice: Get the "Rehab", drive past the road to recovery and when you see the sign saying "mountains", take that exit and ride oooon son. You won't regret it.


All Mountain Freestyle


Hybrid Camber


Flex 5





Extra Strength:

Side Walls: