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Limited Edition Addict

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The first step is admitting you have a problem and the solution? The limited edition Addict snowboard; a perfect board for anyone addicted to shredding.

With the positive camber and raised contact points packed into this thing, this board slay's the park while remaining stable at high speed. The all-mountain freestyle focus of this board can take you anywhere on the mountain from the tightest trees to the longest rail; even moguls will melt at your feet. With a poplar wood core on the inside and pop sidewall technology holding it all together, it will pop BIG! Plus, because of those raised contacts where it matters, Mr. Addict is more forgiving than a traditional camber board. So release your inner fiend, put that trick to the bolts and become best friends with the Addict.


All Mountain Freestyle


Positive Camber With Raised Contact Points


Flex 7





Extra Strength:

Side Walls: