How To Backside 360 On Park Jumps

How To Backside 360 On Park Jumps

A Backside 360 over a park jump is an awesome feeling trick! The Back 3 can be done with endless variations which allow your individual style to stand out and it's a key stepping stone onto harder, more advanced spins. If you're not quite ready for Back 3s on park jumps, check out this tutorial to build your skills:

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(Narrating/Riding: Nev Lapwood. Film/Edit: Adison MacDonald. Filmed At: Whistler Blackcomb & Whistler Bounce)

The Entry Path

Being able to Backside 360 on park jumps is all about the entry path. Start by doing a straight air to feel the speed required for the jump. The ideal entry path for all Backside spins is to set up with a smooth heel edge carve towards the side of the jump then transfer to your toe edge while riding up the lip.

The Backside 360 Set UpHint, this is the same entry path as a Backside 180.

This line of entry allows you to be on your toe edge as you leave the lip of the jump but still fly in a straight direction while in the air. Carving your turns on the approach allows to you keep almost all of your speed so you can drop in from the same point as your straight air.

The Set Up

Most park jumps have a downhill in run and an uphill lip. The point of flat ground between the in run and the lip can be called the setup point. This is the approximate point for 3 important aspects of spinning.

  1. It’s the point where you transition from your heel edge setup carve onto your toe edge.
  2. It’s the point you’ll be the most compact with your legs, as you pass through the setup you begin to extend back up with your legs for pop.
  3. It’s the point where you start to open up your arms and shoulders to wind up for your Backside spin. 
The Set Up PointThe Backside 360 jump and set up point.

The Take Off

Right as you leave the lip of the jump, release the wind up of your arms and shoulders. The major difference between a 180 and a 360 is the amount of rotation you initiate. The faster you release your wind up, the quicker you will spin.

Leaving The LipOn the Backside 360, release your rotation faster than you do for the Backside 180.

As you leave the lip, it’s very important to keep your back up straight with the bulk of your weight stacked over the top of your board. You will be on your toe edge but create this edge angle by pushing your hips and knees forward rather than leaning over your edge. Keeping upright off the lip will help you to stay flat and balanced while spinning.

Bending OverBasically don't do this off the lip.

The Back 3 has been initiated on the lip so there's not a lot you can do in the air.. Stay compact for good style and tie a connection between your upper and lower body by tensing your abdomen.

The Landing

As you take off, your head turns towards your back shoulder and will continue looking in this direction throughout the first half of the spin. Your landing will begin to come into view and you’ll be able to see everything for the second half of the 360. This makes the landing of a Back 3 relatively easy.

Back 3 LandingSpot the landing and focus on it as soon as it comes into view.

Focus on the landing, get ready, then STOMP! Now you can Back 3 on park jumps! Get it dialled, then start adding your own style and see what you can turn it into. Add grabs, Shifties, tweaks, stall it out, or a little bit of cork or rodeo and watch your snowboarding soar!

If you've got the Backside 360 down but still have some room for improvement, make sure you checkout our How To Improve Your Backside 360s tutorial.

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