How To Frontside 50-50

How To Frontside 50-50

Most of the jib tricks that you have been learning in our recent Jibbing Tutorial series have been taught on box style features. As your jibbing progresses, you'll start to hit more difficult street style features which are often skinnier, longer and higher off the ground. This is the natural progression for any park rider.

So, before you go mashing your face on metal rails for fun, we will show you how to safely hit street style features with the easiest trick, the Frontside 50-50.

(Narrating/Rider: Nev Lapwood. Film/Editing: Adison MacDonald. Filmed At: Whistler Blackcomb)

Getting Comfortable 

When doing a Frontside 50-50, the feature will be in front of you and will be easy to see as you approach. That's what makes this trick feel so comfortable. If you really want to step up your rail game off the mountain, you can get the feeling of jumping a Frontside 50-50 using a Balance Bar

50-50 Balance BarNotice the dinosaur hands. May, or may not help with balance.

Your Approach

1. On the snow, while riding down a run, try jumping off your toe edge, but moving your board across the run as if you were jumping onto a feature.

Jump Across

Trick Tip. When you approach a feature for a Frontside 50-50, come in at an angle of about 20 or 30 degrees.

degree approach
2. When it comes to your first Frontside 50-50, find the easiest street style feature you can. Take a little bit more speed than you need to and try and ollie right over top a few times. This will give you the confidence of knowing that you can easily get up and on top of the feature. Having it pass underneath you will build the skills you need in order to stomp the trick.

Jump over the feature

Stomping The Trick 

1. When you connect your first 50-50, you will probably find that you're sliding off the opposite side. This is totally OK! It happens to everyone when they are learning and is a great progression step.

Jump To The Other Side

2. Your momentum is naturally heading off the opposite side, when you approach the feature at 20 or 30 degrees. To stop falling off one side, you need to learn how to stop the momentum against the feature. This is done with a very subtle angle of your board, as you connect. The idea is you angle your board to stop the momentum and then flatten out, 50-50ing the whole length of the feature with your weight on top of the rail.

Stomp Angle
If you find that you're angling too much, you will come off the feature the same side you approached from and that's totally cool too...

Too Much Angle
The more you attempt this trick with different approaches, the sooner you will be mastering the 50-50. Get the feeling of how much angle to use, how to keep your weight up on top of the feature and how to ride away smooth and you will be rippin' through the park like a boss. 

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Happy Shredding!

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