Backside Boardslide

How To Backside Boardslide On A Training Board

If you're new to hitting park features or just trying to clean up your style, you need this trick in your bag. In this tutorial we're going to teach you one of the most basic and fundamental jib tricks in snowboarding, the Backside Boardslide. 

(Narrating/Riders: Duncan Mainland & Nev Lapwood. Film/Edit: Vince Emond & Adison MacDonald)

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A Backside Boardslide, normally just called "Boardslide," is when you jump onto a box or rail that's behind you. As you jump on to the feature, you'll spin the nose of your board over the feature, landing perpendicular to the rail with it centered between your feet. Simply put, you're sliding down a box or rail with your board sideways, instead of straight on like a 50-50. 

Featured in this tutorial:

  • Backside Boardslide To Fakie (regular in, land switch)
  • Backside Boardslide Coming Out Forward (regular in, land regular)

Backside Boardslide to Fakie 

Boardslide to Fakie
Backside Boardslide To Fakie. MMMM... Smooth As Butter!

Start by spinning onto the Balance Bar the same way you would for a Frontside 180. Once you start this rotation, it’s hard to stop. Your board isn’t going to lock into a perfect Boardslide, instead it’s going to want to keep spinning just like a snowboard would on a rail or box.

Start with frontside 180
Frontside 180 Using The Balance Bar

For good style, try to keep your board 90 degrees to the Balance Bar the whole time you're on it, even though your momentum will want to keep you spinning. To keep it there, let your upper body continue to rotate in the direction you jumped on while keeping your board perpendicular to the Balance Bar.

Backside BoardslideBe Able To Hold This Position 

If done correctly, you should be stalled out in a position similar to a Frontside Shifty while you're on the Balance Bar. When you pop off, bring your board back in line with your shoulders, landing fakie.

Boardslide to fakie
Proper technique to take to the snow

Coming Out Forward 

To come out of the Boardslide landing regular (the same way you jumped on), you’ll need to use the technique of counter rotation. You'll still want to land on the feature with the board at 90 degrees with the box or rail in the middle of your board, but your upper body will be in a slightly different twisted position.

Coming out forward
Come in regular, land regular

Start by jumping onto the Balance Bar, turning your board using the same movements you would for a Frontside Shifty. Spin your board frontside while your upper body rotates in the opposite direction, twisting through your core. Hold this position the whole time you’re on the Balance Bar.

Backside boardslide
Hands Over The Tail Using Counter Rotation

Trick Tip: Try to keep your hands over the tail over your board to help stay in this twisted position. Throw them back in the opposite direction to pop off and land forward.

Counter rotationCounter Rotate That Sh!t

If you can’t get the board completely 90 degrees on the Balance Bar, try rotating your upper body towards the nose of your board (having your chest face downhill) before you jump on. This will allow you to counter rotate even more!

There you have it! Practice both of these techniques on the Balance Bar using the Jib Training Board and fine tune them until they feel and look clean. Then throw down in the terrain park. 

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