How To Boardslide On A Training Board

How To Boardslide On A Training Board

A Boardslide is when you jump onto a box or rail, spinning your board 90 degrees so that it lands perpendicular to the box or rail. Just like a 50-50, a Boardslide can be done in the Backside or Frontside direction. In this tutorial we are going to teach you the basics to Boardslides, and maybe even a little something extra on how to impress your crush.

(Narrating/Riders: Duncan Mainland & Nev Lapwood. Film/Edit: Vince Emond & Adison MacDonald

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Featured In This Tutorial:

  • Frontside Boardslides
  • Backside Boardslides

Backside Boardslide

For a Backside Boardslide, start with a Balance Bar behind you, just like you would for a Backside 50-50. Jump on to the Balance Bar spinning your board 90 degrees, so your toes are pointed in the downhill direction.

Toes pointing downhillToes pointing downhill.

The direction you're spinning onto the feature has nothing to do with the naming of the trick. Even though you're spinning in the Frontside direction to get into this position, it is called a Backside Boardslide because you get onto the feature while it’s behind you.

Backside Boardslide
This is a Backside Boardslide because the feature is behind Duncan.

When the Jib Board is perpendicular to the Balance Bar, make sure it's centered between both bindings. If it’s not, do a couple kangaroo hops to balance it out. Take the time to work on your balance to ensure once the board is centered with both feet in the air.

Trick Tip: This is much easier when your weight is stacked over your base of support, so make sure you have your head, shoulders and hips lined up over the board. Keep your arms out for balance if you need to.

Head, shoulders, and hips
Optimal balance position to avoid a faceplant.

This drill is going to give you the balance needed to Boardslide down boxes and rails. Jump in and out of the Boardslide a few times, trying to land with the Balance Bar between both bindings, then stalling it out before you jump off.

Frontside Boardslide

For the Frontside Boardslide, position yourself so that the balance bar is in front of you. Once again, imagine yourself riding down the hill, maybe even waving to that person on the chairlift that you've been daydreaming about, letting them know that this one is for them. 

 For the ladies
Grab their attention here, don't mess up though, the pressure is on. 

For the Front Board, you are going to land on the Balance Bar with your toes pointing in the uphill direction. Practice jumping on while trying to land with the feature between both bindings. Once again, make sure you hold the position before jumping out.

Frontside boardslide
You should be able to balance in this position for a while before taking it to the snow.

This maneuver takes fine muscle movement to stay balanced, so make sure you practice over and over until this is drilled into your muscle memory.

BoardslideAfter some practice, you'll be Boardsliding through every feature in the park.

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